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The Process

Design Interview:

The Akamai process emphasizes a completely personalized experience for each customer. Gary insists on a personal interview and/or demo paddle outing to arrive at the clearest profile/use for each board. Anticipated use, conditions, paddler ability, weight, strength, expected performance and graphics are clarified before the design is created or blanks and materials are ordered.

Board design:

Once the type of blank is established, each rough design is created on the computer. Optimal shapes have been stored and updated over time, so the line is constantly improving. All dimensions, including overall foam volume are created to a file, from which a rough shape is cut. Such valuable aspects as bottom rocker, template, rail profiles and thicknesses from past successful shapes are incorporated, depending on each customer’s specific use.


Rough cut blanks are then finish shaped by Gary to exact customer specifications. The finished blanks are then sealed with a certain foam ‘spackle’ to prepare them for color /airbrush designs and to limit the amount of resin absorbsion.


Each board is a one of a kind work of art, a reflection of each customer’s ideas and personality. Gary will work with you to arrive at the perfect graphic design and colors for eachcustomer’s vision. On staff artists can create virtually any design from drawings created by Gary and his graphics staff. Boards are painted and prepared for glassing.


The primary materials used in glassing Akamai paddleboards could include Epoxy, Carbon-Fiber and /or Kevlar. Use, necessary strength and weight will dictate which direction we go there. We tend to use the more exotic materials for high-performance surfing models, where strength, flex and weight are important. Customers have a wide choice of fin arrangements, sanded or glossed finishes depending on preference. Each board includes a deck handle for easy carrying and a pressure deck vent, given the changing temperatures at the beach and in the water.

Accessories / Instruction:

Standard accessories include a deck pad, fins, paddles and board bag. Akamai uses only the highest quality options in each category and there are a number of alternatives with each accessory. Regardless of your level of expertise, Akamai offers personalized instruction.

Note: Each product includes a number of handmade steps in it’s construction. There are busier times of the year than others and the quality of the surf, in a given period, can delay many steps of construction. The many professionals that comprise the Akanai construction team are some of the best of their trade and do what they do out of passion and lifestyle. The perfect product can’t be rushed or held to a deadline. Gary can suggest a production time based on the time of year.

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